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Make Your Own Mini Musical Revue


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Script Writing

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Annunciation Focus

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25 Drama Games and Activities

Body Language Focus

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building relationships in the drama classroom
What’s the Difference Between What Characters Want and Need?

Characterization Focus

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Warm-Up Game: Virtual Mirrors


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This can be broken up into separate days


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Eye Contact

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The Three-Dimensional Theatre History Project


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Three Easy First-Day Theatre Games
Fun & Games: Drama Class Scavenger Hunt

Ice Breakers

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Warm-Up Game: Buyer & Seller

Improvisation Focus

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Great ideas to help learners memorize lines.


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Monologues from Movies - Daily Actor


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Theatre Etiquette: Pre-Show Preparation


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My poor fourth graders. This seems to be the year where the most issues occur at recess. From excluding others to changing the rules mid-...
For before performance

Relationship Building

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Warm-up Exercise: Brain Dump
Tried and True


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Exit Slip Rate how you felt at the beginning of class from 1 to 10 (1 being awful, 10 being incredible). Then, rate how you felt at the end of class, after completing today’s exercise. Explain your ratings below.

Self Reflection

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Voice Projection

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Alice in Wonderland

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A classic drama game with instructions for playing in class, socially distant or virtually Games, Games To Play, Group Games, Drama Teacher, Music Class, Murder Game, Drama
Wink Murder
A classic drama game with instructions for playing in class, socially distant or virtually
a woman in black shirt singing into microphone with other people behind her and the words improve games for high schoolers
8 Entertaining Improv Games For High Schoolers - Family Style Schooling
Improv games are great ice breakers. They are also a fun way to practice basic public speaking skills. Your teens will love playing these games.
people are dancing in an open area with the words laban advanced characterization above them
The Eight Efforts: Laban Movement
the theatre wishlist logo on top of a wooden fence with text that reads, cool new items for your toolbag and scene shop
Theatre Technician Wishlist - Taylor Theatrics
an instructional book for children to learn how to write and draw with the help of numbers
a blue background with the words 6 second scenes and an arrow pointing to the right
6 Second Scenes
A fun way to complete our writing targets or for an end of year activity.
a notebook with the words self reflection on it next to an open planner and pencil
20 Self-Reflection Journal Prompts
More reflection questions
the end of year reflection logo on a gold and purple background with sparkles in the background
End of Year Reflection
Questions to use on our annual reflection
a black chess piece surrounded by confetti on a pink and blue background with the words class project celebrate your success
Celebrate Your Successes
Awesome idea for the end of the year.
Good discussion questions
Poll Your Class
Good discussion questions
35 wacky events for imppov cards and activities
a wish list is posted on a blue background with the words, your drama classroom wish list
Drama Classroom Wish List
A great way for learners to understand the contstraints of budgets
the full class project drama class abc's is written in blocks on a table
ABCs project
A fun end of the year project
an advertisement for a kite flying in the sky with text that reads, warm - up exercise would you rather fly?
Would You Rather Warm Up
Questions to use
an image of a website page with many items on it
Improv Game Resource
So many great ideas!
a board game with dices and cards on the table
Theatre Games - Taylor Theatrics
the book cover for theatre games for young performers
Theatre Games for Young Performers: Improvisations and Exercises for Developing Acting Skills (Contemporary Drama)
the words best group game ever written in white on a black background with multicolored dots
Fun Group Games: Gotcha!
an empty theater with the words three easy first - day theatre games
Three Easy First-Day Theatre Games
Just woke up from a long nap after teaching T.A.G. classes at OKTC! T.A.G. stands for “The Actor Grows” and is a program we have here for all the new kids to the company who are in gra…
the words acting basics do's and don'ts at free printables
Acting Basics: Do’s & Don’ts (A Free Printable)
Sometimes, we experienced directors/teachers/educators get frustrated during rehearsals and wonder, “I’ve told my actors to _______ a thousand times; why won’t they listen/remembe…