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Don't let your poor luck bring you down. Embrace it! 2.5" embroidered patch, iron-on backing.

Sick Girls Official Bad Luck Babe Patch - if you're a bad luck babe this patch is for you. Stay sassy with these rad patches from Toronto's own Sick Girls Official

Crying at the Party Patch - $4.47

We worked with Allison Weiss to design a series of 3 patches based on the lyrics from her new album New Love. This patch is inspired by the song "Back To Me". embroidered patch with iron-on backi

Yin Yang Patch [B]

Still in search of the perfect pair of jeans? Look no further that our A/W Denim Deliveries report… WGSN store shot, Good Genes, Amsterdam.

You+messed+with+the+wrong+kitties. ♥+Set+comes+with+two,+3x3inch+patches+featuring+two+ferocious+felines! ♥+Iron+on+-+Super+easy+to+apply,+but+some+sewing+is+recommended+if+you'll+be+washing+the+item+a+lot.+ ♥+Made+for+any+type+of+apparel-+jackets,+vests,+even+t-shirts,+the+customization+is+...

You+messed+with+the+wrong+kitties. ♥+Iron+on+-+Super+easy+to+apply,+but+some+sewing+is+recommended+if+you'll+be+washing+the+item+a+lot.+ ♥+Made+for+any+type+of+apparel-+jackets,+vests,+even+t-shirts,+the+customization+is+.