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the tail of a peacock's feather with green and blue feathers
Pávatoll: szerencsét hoz vagy bajba kever? | Bámészkodó
A páva az egyik legszínesebb, leglátványosabb madár. Sokan használják tollait otthonuk dekorálására, de tudtad, hogy a hiedelmek szerint akár balszerencsét is hozhat?
a man and woman holding a baby in a field under a tree with the sun behind them
This is such a beautiful family shot.... Love the tree, too. (Photo by Jose Villa, one of my favorites!)
a man and woman are sitting in the grass with a baby on their lap, smiling at the camera
roberts family — Stephanie Sunderland
i am so excited to start taking more family sessions! now is the perfect time to book if you want your family session captured in the fall. contact me at studio@stephaniesunderland.com
a man, woman and baby are laying in the grass
Family Gallery — Imago Dei Photography
If you like this pin, check out the other pins on my board. :). Columbia, MO family photo posing ideas, poses, 6 month old
a man and woman are sitting on the grass with a baby in their lap, smiling at the camera
Studio Westway Photography [Blog]
Sunset at the park for a family photo session... Can't beat it! Obsessed with the warm backlighting. How precious is this family of 3 and that squishy little 6 month old baby girl?! :) Images are © 2013 www.studiowestway.com.
a man holding a baby up to his face while he holds it in the air
Brooklyn – 3 months old {San Bernardino Baby Photographer} » Jess ...
a man and woman kissing while holding a baby
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a collage of photos with people and children in the background, including an adult holding a child
Family Picture Ideas: Sunshine in the Park by mandy
a woman holding a small child up in the air while laying on top of her
Weekly Favorites – October 24th – October 30th
family pictures
a woman holding a baby while laying on top of a rock in a field with tall grass
Коля в окружении любви и заботы
семейная фотосессия на природе