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[closed] Zander] I yawn as I walk downstairs. It was early in the morning and everyone was sleeping. I walk into my office to start writing.

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running late is your middle name. Your always late, if it weren’t for alarm clocks, and hour punctuation brother always waking you up screaming to get out of. Bed in the morning.

5 second of summer shirt lol ur not michael by fantastic4ushop, $18.00

5 second of summer shirt lol ur not ashton irwin clothing tshirt for men and women any color available I need this soooooo bad

I'd be pretty good at English

The only thing is Luke would definitely be the math teacher because Liz Hemmings and Calum would obviously be the pe teacher because he was almost a professional soccer player zoo<<and Luke was a math tutor

You are my chicken nugget

We put the world away Yeah we get so disconnected Turn off the radio Those late night TV shows Hang up the telephone And just be here with me