Cool paintings

" We will keep the madness fresh the red madness that keeps us sane." - Erica Jong, from Morning Madness. " Vamos manter a loucura fresca a loucura vermelha que nos mantém sãos.

Blood/Gothic Art.

This is perfect because the blood represents Ilvaxis and the roses represent Leliana.

Ocho kilómetros al día, seis años y, tan solo para un cubo de cinco litros con el que casi no puede; mañana ha de volver...así debe saber el agua que trae. ELS HORTS.

This has been a recurring nightmare since childhood. Blood from the tap or shower head.


Horror Scene With Bloody Hand Against Wet Shower Glass Sony Xperia New Phone Case

Ablution I by FlexDreams on deviantART

Models: Alesia, Ann, Iva, Johnny, Julia MUA & Hair: Ann Onischenko Style: Iva Basara Edited by Texure: DreamsTime / Shutterstock / DepositePhotos / . Ablution I