I always wonder what the story is behind these old houses...why have they been left to 'die'?

Inside the remains of an abandoned chateau, with a beautiful grand piano still inside! I want a grande piano soooo bad! When I am blessed with the house of my dreams I am going to have a room just for my grande piano! It gonna be gorgeous!

Inside the lost island of New York: Eerie pictures of the abandoned leper colony just 350 yards from the Bronx

Inside the lost island of New York - abandoned leper colony just 350 yards from the Bronx on North Brother Island.


How much practicing was done on this old piano? So sad to see old pianos in disrepair but each one still has an elegance and a sense of history. Passionate about Pianos since 1931

I live two blocks from this hotel--it has the grittiest, sketchiest, most fantastic bar in the bottom:) Just.... don't go in the bathroom.  Hotel Balmoral /// Vancouver

Hotel Balmoral sign in Vancouver by jeri---*As in Balmoral Castle? love this vintage sign /clock & this PIC!

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So strange how there's a solitary chair centered perfectly. Looks like it may have been a waiting room of a former hospital with the pink tiles halfway up the walls

Ron Pippin

only time will tell.This is a great visual reference for the steam punk aesthetic.

Lost time

forgotten & abandoned with spider webs surrounding it. A time capsule by Sven Fennema, via

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Abandoned pianos and other instruments make me so sad! I would collect them all if I had room.