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Antiquitous Transportation by Chevelle70

The rusted carriage portion of an old tricycle. San Diego, CA Antiquitous Transportation

Cuba - Havana VII by Vollmilch2001

Cuba - Havana VII by Vollmilch2001

Tricycle by Nicshooter

This is one of my favorite shot, I cropped it a lil so as to have better composition. my father and I went for a stroll on our bicycle, well he had a tr.

Circles by i-Succubus

Bicycles outside of my old school. -If you favorite, comment please- Circles

wheel of time by kurkista

a detail of an old and abandoned bicycle I encountered this morning on my walk through rainy Rome. wheel of time

Hop On by browngh

It's hard to tell how old something is by the rust on it, it could be brand new, especially in the humid Caribbean. Hop On

Singapore 236171 by WatsUrStory

an old bicycle of my neighbour's Singapore 236171