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someone is painting the inside of a small container with blue and yellow dots on it
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a hand holding a purple and white decorative object
Anette Berstling (Anni) 🇩🇪 on Instagram: “Ich war shoppen und habe alle Permutt Farben, die es gab, gekauft 😂🙈 die Grundierung dieses Steins hat also die Farbe Permutt Lila... ich…”
a black heart shaped rock with white and silver designs on it's surface, surrounded by sheer ribbon
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Heart Deco Heart Heart Stone Mandala Stone Art Object Decorative Art Dot Painting Dot Art Hand Painted Stones Stone Art Art
Mandala heart painting
a green and gold painted rock sitting on top of a white flower covered table cloth
NadiaBlakeArt - Etsy
Mandala Art with Gems by NadiaBlakeArt on Etsy
three heart shaped black stone with flowers and hearts painted on the sides, tied to twine
How to paint on slate the right way
You Can Folk It!: How to paint on slate the right way
three purple and black plates sitting on top of a wooden table
a painted rock with dragonflies on it
Este artículo no está disponible | Etsy
Estas rocas son mano escogida de las orillas del lago Ontario, elegido cuidadosamente para su única forma redonda. Esta hermosa piedra es pintada con pinturas de acrílico y sellar con 2 manos de sellador para ser durable en el interior y hacia fuera. Cada roca tiene una detallada,
a black and pink heart shaped rock on a white surface with feathers in the background
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Mandala Stone Mandala-Heart Dot Art Acrylic Art Object | Etsy
Bunny Heart
pintar en yeso
a hand holding a green and white heart shaped beaded brooch in it's palm
Summer Tan on Instagram: “😂.. I am doing it at market, surprisingly its already bought,the lady carrying it with her palm open because the paint still wet🙈🙈🙈.. S U M…”