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130 Pins
two pictures of a man with wet hair in a bathtub
oh so raw
a black and white drawing of a woman getting her hair done by two people with plates in front of her
Myriam's Illustrations
a man with his hands on his face making a funny face while looking at the camera
hybrid-human figures sprout fingers and hands from their faces
a cartoon character laying on top of a lush green hill next to a cloud filled sky
a man swimming in the ocean with his head under water
19 ilustrações que refletem o mundo moderno de forma penetrante
an image of a woman with long hair on her face and the caption reads, i love you
An Anthology of Poems
a painting of a woman with green hair and white foam on her face, covering her eyes
Arte da ilustração por Aykut Aydoğdu
a painting of a woman with green hair
Tweet / Twitter
a woman's head with a wave coming out of it
a painting of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind and water behind her