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an image of a painting with people and animals on it's sides in the woods
Hiromi Nishizaka
Hiromi Nishizaka
an iceberg floating in the ocean with houses on it
Dip Into the Stars - Doodlers Anonymous
Blog: Dip Into the Stars - Doodlers Anonymous
a woman standing in the rain with an umbrella over her head and water splashing all around her
the art of animation
The Art Of Animation, Gemi
three oval paintings with plants and water in them
Ocean on Behance
an abstract painting with lots of different shapes and sizes
法国女插画师Isabelle Demarly的作品,诉说着每一个女孩心里都会有的无数秘密,还有我们儿时的疯狂事情,天真但是又经常闯祸,无知但是却快乐无比。
an open book with drawings on it
yarnyarn : picture book illustration
yarnyarn_ picture book by Seungyoun Kim, via Behance
the children's books are open and ready to be read
Babyccino Kids | SLOTXOGAME88
meandmycat by Ekaterina Trukhan
an open book with drawings on the cover and in it's pages, there are pictures
Isabelle Arsenault illustration
four different views of mountains, trees and other things in the same drawing style on paper
an open book with black and white illustrations on it
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"Illustrator and author Laetitia Devernay has created a story worth a thousand words without a peep. The Conductor is a beautiful and beautifully unconventional book. A very tall format signals that this is no ordinary kid’s book—at least by American standards. After all, it was first published in France and picked up by Chronicle as it fits nicely in their aesthetic. Devernay illustrates what can become several stories depending on how it is interpreted, which makes the book quite a bargain!...
an image of a cartoon character in the dark with light coming from his eyes and mouth
32 Beautiful and Creative Children's Book Illustrations - Inspiration - Geeks Zine
32 Beautiful and Creative Children's Illustrations | Farewell Maurice Sendak
the journey of dreams book cover with an illustration of a girl in a red coat
"The Journey of Dream" book cover
I chose this illustration because it gives me feeling of magic and coldness. Nguyen. T, (2015), The Journey of Dreams. Retrieved from: