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This is the crux of the matter: however well-prepared you are for a cold call, you can’t predict what will happen. How your prospect will react, and how you’ll react to their reaction. Yet you’re expected to put all those uncertainties to one side and strike up an instant rapport with that person Cold Calling Tips, Cold Calling Scripts, Business Process Management, Cold Calling, Free Business Card Templates, Sales Training, Biggest Fears, Free Business Cards, Discovery Call
Cold Calling Fear: How to Deal With Phone Anxiety as a Sales Rep
It’s okay to feel anxious on the phone. As I’ve already noted, there are a lot of unknowns – you could be asked an unexpected question, or take in so much information that you feel overwhelmed. #PhoneAnxiety #DealWithPhoneAnxiety #HowtoDealWithPhone
In this article, we’ll explain the importance of the pre-sales process and show you tricks on how to improve your strategies and wrap up more sales and acquire more revenue. Sales Motivation, Best Proposals, Sales Techniques, Sales Process, Executive Summary, Sales Tips
The Role of Proposals in a Winning Pre-Sales Process
our business proposal is the heart of your pre-sales process and the work you put into it will be reflected in the percentage of your approved proposals, the speed with which you get paid, and the overall sentiment you invoke in your clients. #SalesMotivation #Sales #SalesTechniques #SalesTips
It’s impossible to please your entire clientele. However, clients are necessary for building your portfolio. With these strategies, even the most difficult people can be tamed. The toxic clients are best left to the depths of Davy Jones’ locker. Dream Client, Online Entrepreneur, Make Money Fast
The Wonderful World of Difficult Clients
Clients are like ice-cream flavors – some are irresistible, others are detestable. Having a cheat book to dealing with your clients is critical for the modern businessman. Think of it as self-defense against your time and money. #DifficultClients #SalesMotivation #Sales #SalesTechniques
a man sitting at a desk in front of a computer with headphones on and the words 7 ways to make customer service your best sales channel
7 Ways to Make Customer Service Your Best Sales Channel
Instead, a consultative approach has been adopted. With this selling method, you spend a considerable amount of time understanding the customer’s problems before offering solutions that’ll meet their needs. #SalesMotivation #Sales #SalesTechniques #SalesTips
two women sitting at a table with laptops and papers in front of them text reads 10 tips for building strong client relations
10 Tips for Building Stronger Client Relationships
There are a number of reasons why building strong client relationships is a key factor in the success of your business. According to this article published on Huffpost, attracting a new client costs 6-7 times more than what it takes to retain an existing client. #SalesMotivation #Sales #SalesTechniques #SalesTips
a person's arm with four stars on it and the words, 4 crucial mistakes that cause your customers to leave
4 Critical Mistakes That Cause Your Customers to Leave
You don’t just want to concentrate on attracting new customers. It’s vital to keep the existing customers happy by giving them the best of both worlds. #SalesMotivation #Sales #SalesTechniques #SalesTips
a man in a suit and tie sitting at a desk with his hands behind his head
Top 5 Counterproductive Questions to Never Ask on a Cold Call
During a cold call, you are reaching to someone who doesn’t know you and interrupting their day so that you can tell them about your products and services. No one is going to be enthusiastic about having their day interrupted by a stranger. #SalesMotivation #Sales #SalesTechniques #SalesTips
a beginner's guide to upselling and cross - selling
A Beginner's Guide to Upselling and Cross-Selling
We are going to learn what are upselling and cross-selling, why they are important, how you can use them to increase your sales and in the end, we will show you some examples of both. #SalesMotivation #Sales #SalesTechniques #SalesTips
a man holding a folder and smiling with the title 4 effective strategies for the novice salesman to close a deal
4 Effective Strategies for the Novice Salesman to Close a Deal
The modern salesman needs to constantly reevaluate his or her tricks to ensure they win over their clients. Old school enthusiasm is of the past. Gone are the days where persuasive gimmicks landed the deal. #Education #Business #Marketing #Sales
the cover of data storytelling links emotions and national decision, with an image of people
Data Storytelling Links Emotions and Rational Decisions
From an evolutionary point of view, stories had a catchy introduction and an emotional end along with a strong plot in between. This combination allowed us to experience an adventure that we weren’t physically a part of. #Education #Business #Marketing #Sales
two women sitting on top of hay with the words how do colors effect purchases?
How Do Colors Affect Purchases?
Colors have a specific part to play in people’s decisions; this knowledge is used in marketing by marketers and designers. #Education #Business #Marketing #Sales
a group of people sitting around a table with the words how to write a proposal
How to Write a Proposal: The Last Guide You'll Ever Need
As a sales person, one of the most exciting things is the moment where you finally convert a hot lead into an actual sale. #Education #Business #Marketing #Sales
a man holding an empty wallet with the text how to prevent and handle non - paying customers
How to Prevent and Handle Non-Paying Customers
Small businesses are more likely to face delayed or non-payment issues compared to large corporations.While some clients genuinely have a reason for their late payments, others neglect their payments for various reasons. #Education #Business #Marketing #Sales
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer with the words buying online versus buying in person
Buying Online Vs. Buying in Person
With eCommerce tightening its grasp around the neck of consumers, the increase in online shopping is apparent with each passing year. #Education #Business #Marketing #Sales
a man in a suit is looking at a target with the words how to shift your minds from short - term selling to long - term success
How to Shift Your Mindset from Short-Term Selling to Long-Term Success
Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of seeing and treating everyone they meet as a potential buyer. This is especially true of entrepreneurs heading a fledgling company or startup. #Education #Business #Marketing #Sales