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Alo Yoga Airbrush Legging #yoga #yogainspiration

Alo Yoga Women's Airbrush Legging is our best-fitting, signature yoga legging made of sculpting high-performance fabric in basic, bright and print colors.

Batman Cover Collage - Giclee Print by ComicReliefOriginals on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/183528173/batman-cover-collage-giclee-print

the amazing Jim Lee''s cover image from the 'Hush' series . This collage was made to recreate the look of the cover of a comic book with small details like the CCA badge and the DC logo in the corner.

Comic Collage Art by Mike Alcantara

Believe it or not, Mike Alcantara creates his incredible Comic Collage Art series using little more than old comic books and glue. His upcycled art is assembled from comic book clippings and carefully arranged to feature Marvel and DC Comics characters.

#ProductOfPatience #SurvivedErica   Adidas influencer  Singapore   @yoga.lab  ericatenggarayoga@gmail.com ⬇️ Practice at home

YOGA SEQUENCE: YOGI/ASIAN SQUAT This is not a magical pill of a sequence, may still take you years to squat comfortably but dedication commitment is part of the practice Warm up: not necessary but sun salutations AB if youre cold

YOGA SEQUENCE: TITTIBHASANA / FIREFLY POSE WARM UP: Sun salutations A & B x5 each google if unsure 1. MALASANA 10mins If 10mins is not possible then do less, this applies to the whole sequence 2. LIZARD POSE 2mins Like warrior 1 legs with heels hip width & go as low as you can to open the hips 3. PYRAMID POSE 1min Shorten the stance slightly from lizard pose and straighten the front leg, fold inside the leg if elbows touch down lift front ball of foot 4. PRASARITA PADOTANASANA 1min I…

We offer two videos that demonstrate and explore yoga Sun Salutations. You'll learn how to do Surya Namaskar and enjoy a perfect Sun Salutation in a scenic setting.