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Mákos kocka 'Poppy Seed Cake' Very good old-fashioned recipe.

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Szibériai krémes - MindenegybenBlog

Ukrainian Makovyy Korzh / Poppy Seed Filled Short Crust Pastry from ukrainianclassickitchen.ca

Mákos-meggyes rétes, the Hungarian version of strudel, with a creamy poppy-seed and sour cherry filling. The black seeds are mixed with sugar and milk until they soak up some of the moisture and swell, turning the mixture into a sticky, sweet paste which retains the toasty, nutty flavor of the poppy-seeds. Some sour cherries are added to give it a cool, tangy flavor which contrasts the sweetness of the poppy seeds. The pastry dough is thin and buttery and crumbles into flakes in your mouth.

How to Make PoppySeed Filling (2 ways)

How to make the best poppy seed filling. Store-bought versions can't touch this! from @natashaskitchen

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