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a wooden bench sitting next to a pile of rocks
12 Gorgeous Ways To Landscape With Gabions
Gabion elements can transform a garden or outdoor space into a visually appealing and functional area. Gabions, essentially wire cages filled with stones or other materials, offer a unique blend of rustic charm and modern design. They can be used to create retaining walls, garden borders, seating areas, or even decorative features such as planters and water fountains.
there is a fountain in the middle of some rocks and plants with text overlay that reads 5 best container fountain ideas from youtube
8 Best Container Fountain Ideas On YouTube
Container fountains are the one of the easiest D.I.Y. home water features and they can fit on a patio or any small garden space. Let's look at some of the best ideas from YouTube including simple one-container fountains to spillway bowls and basins.
how to make light bulb lightning bugs
How To Make Light Bulb Garden Lightning Bugs (Fireflies)
Discover how to create charming garden insect stakes using recycled Christmas light bulbs, pliers, and craft wire. Additionally, find inspiration on creative ways to display them outdoors to captivate passersby and enchant guests.
painted rock art ideas with text overlay that reads how to prep and paint plus ideas & inspiration
Inspirational Painted Rock Art Ideas
Are you looking for a fun project that adds a touch of whimsy or inspiration to the garden, or maybe just a weekend diversion for the kids? Painted rocks might just be the idea you’re looking for. They come in so many variations from funny rocks and cartoon characters to meditative stones...
a bird bath in the middle of a garden with plants around it and text overlay that reads, 21 inspired landscaping ideas featuring rusted cored steel
21 Inspiring Ideas Using Corten Steel In Garden Landscaping
Whether you have a modern landscape, a rustic garden, or just a bit of patio space, you can incorporate some kind of corten steel element to make your outdoor space more interesting. From planters and retaining walls to beautiful water features, the possibilities are almost endless!
pallet ideas for garden and outdoor projects
Recycled Pallet Ideas For The Outdoors
Boost your outdoor oasis with these DIY Pallet Projects! From cozy pallet sofas to charming potting benches and patio bars, turn your backyard into a paradise with ease. Time to get crafty and transform your space!
hanging basket plants with text overlay that reads, 23 outstanding hanging basket plants
23 Outstanding Plants For Hanging Baskets
Are you looking for some new options in trailing plants to include in your hanging baskets besides the commonly found petunias, bacopa, and geraniums? Our list of the 23 best trailing plants for hanging baskets (but not limited to) are low-maintenance, drought tolerant varieties, and plants for either sun or shade. We also included a few trailing plants for indoors.
the front cover of bali - style gardens ideas, tips and inspiration
Balinese Style Gardens
Explore some of the design elements that make an authentic Balinese style garden, backyard retreat or an exotic patio layout.
there is a potted plant with water in it and the words diy patio pond
D.I.Y. Container Patio Ponds
Did you ever want to have a pond or some kind of water feature but don't know where to start? Patio container ponds are an economical and easy way to dip your green thumb in the water! From container and plant choices to care and maintenace we'll cover all the options so you can get started right away.
a vase filled with rocks sitting on top of a wooden table
12 Gorgeous Gabion Designs For Backyards
Appearing both modern and rustic at the same time, gabion features provide an uncommon way to construct hardscape features in your garden that will last for decades to come. Gabion construction is a method used to build structural elements using rock without mortar.
an outdoor fire pit with the words awesome backyard fire pits
Awesome Backyard Fire Pit Ideas
Warm-up at night and add interest and functionality to your backyard with the newest ideas and designs in fire pits.
an assortment of recycled garden art and crafts
28 Upcycled Garden Art Ideas
From reused license plates to laundry baskets, let’s look at 28 interesting ways to recycle old items in the garden, patio and landscape. In most cases these items will be something you likely already have at home.
a person is holding a donut in front of a pond with water lilies
Natural & Safe Mosquito Control For Water Features And Ponds
There is no need for chemicals, I have 3 totally easy, natural and effective ways to keep mosquitoes from using your water features as a breeding ground. Water movement prevents mosquitoes from laying larvae. Installing a small fountain or bubbler will do the job. If you have a container water garden, water feature or bird...
the gardener's guide to bottle trees - cover / packshote, with an image of a tree made out of bottles
The Gardener's Guide To Bottle Trees
Wine bottle trees are hot in garden decor right now and it’s no wonder why. They are a beautiful way to introduce garden art to any landscape. Bottle trees make a nice focal point, adding vertical color and interest. I especially love the way the colored bottles glimmer in the morning and evening sunlight. They even have a somewhat interesting history.
some people are playing games in the dark at night with lights and circles on it
9 Black Light Game Night Ideas
Summertime maybe coming to a close but that doesn’t mean all the fun has to stop. Try a few of these fun nighttime black light and glow party ideas, they’re great for kids and adults, and they work indoors or outside.