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Illustration of an impulsive kid jumping from their desk and a title that reads "Teaching Kid Impulse Control Strategies" Parenting Tips, Pre K, Parents, Mindfulness, Coping Skills, Parenting Knowledge, Kids Behavior, Teaching Kids, Learning Activities
EFFECTIVE Impulse Control Strategies for Kids
a sign that says, movement code word stinky socks on the side of a bulletin board
Classroom Management: Movement Code Word
a white board with writing on it that says dear guest teacher please add a petal to this flower every time
Teacher Memes To Enjoy Over Thanksgiving Break
several blue balls in a yellow basket with the words silent ball is more than just a game it can help change your classroom community
Is "Silent Ball" the Best Classroom Management Tool You Never Knew Existed?
Desk Pets for Classroom Management
I am in LOVE with Desk Pets! Hear me out. I didn’t like the idea at first, but now that I see how teachers are excited about a positive behavior system that works, I’m sold! Students adopt a mini eraser, keep it at their desk, read with it, write about it, earn Desk Pet Dollars to buy habitats or food for their pet. They love it and so do the teachers who implement the system correctly. #deskpet #classroommanagement
the book cover for big red and the little bitty wolf is sitting on a tree
Helping Kids with Feelings of Anxiety & Worry
Helping Kids with Feelings of Anxiety & Worry
a poster with words and pictures on it that describe the different stages of child's development
Strategies for Kids with Oppositional Behaviors
an activity sheet with numbers and words to help students learn how to read
Behavior Proficiency Scale
Karla's Kreations: Behavior Proficiency Scale
a worksheet with the words subject, behavior and notes for kids to use
10 Anchor Charts for Mastering Behavior Expectations
Classroom behavior and expectation charts to use with your kindergarten classroom. Help students self-monitor their own behavior.