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Toppings are the Best Part // In your journey the fuel comes from hard work, willpower, determination and commitment; but that doesn't take away the fact that simple and satisfying "toppings" are needed to enjoy the journey.

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You go to school to learn things for life? You wont ever learn everything until you start exploring the world!

Márai Sándor idézete a türelemről. A kép forrása: Pozitív Nap # Facebook

"Swing, swing, swing from the tangles of my heart. It's crushed by a former love.

Old ways.......

How to be Happier Today: 36 Ideas to Climb Out of a Bad Mood

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Roy Goodman idézete a boldogságról. A kép forrása: Lakatos Márk


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"Buy a Ticket, Catch a Wave, Make new Friends, Take a Break, Pack a Bag, Fall in Love...


I pacifically did everything on this list in Australia! "Buy a ticket. Catch a wave. Make new friends. Take a break. Pack a bag. Fall in love. Discover what matters. Have a great time. Ride a mountain. Never look back." Let's go and explore!

Crazy Friends

Best collections of Despicable me minions quotes and funny sayings. and I hope you gonna like it. These funny minions gonna make your day special.


I picked this because the picture shows alignment with the rocks leading up to the sun. And Balance because the sun looks as if its on the pile of rocks and all the other rocks are also balanced perfectly.

"Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It's about having a beautiful mind, a good heart, and a kind soul." :)

"Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It's about having a beautiful mind, a good heart, and a kind soul. No point if she is pretty yet arrogant or wicked.