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three metal wall hangings with flowers and leaves on them
Boho craft for home decor
a white shelf with two yellow drawers and gold trimmings on the top, in front of a beige curtained window
My mother has been wanting a nice temple for her prayers, but I never liked ones on the market. Some were good but then the price was WAY over inflated so thanks to some of my fellow pinterest friends, I got some courage to make one on my own! I have to say that I LOVE my creation, its exactly how I pictured it in my mind =) Big shout out to recipesdecoded for her/his ideas which inspired me to take on this project!
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20 Simple DIY Ganpati Decorations For Vinayaka Chavithi 2024
DIY ganpati backdrop 🌺
the altar is decorated with red drapes and sunflowers on it's side
Varamahalakshmi pooje
a decorated horse and dog on display in a room
a red table topped with pink flowers on top of a white and black floor next to a wall
Ganpati Arrival Stage
three candles sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bowl and candle holder