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an old man standing in front of some people
Portland Rose Festival - June 2, 2007 - earthsworld
an old woman with blue eyes and red eyeliners looks at the camera while wearing a green scarf
*** by Andrey Zharov / 500px
*** by Andrey Zharov on 500px
black and white photograph of an old man with a hat on his head looking off to the side
A Photographer Is Documenting The Stories Of Elderly Parsis Through These Stunning Portraits
an old woman with glasses on her face
32 Photos of Old People That'll Make You Want to Take Care of Yourself
a man is holding his hand to his mouth and looking at the camera with an intense look on his face
portraits of blind, homeless and gypsies
four black and white photographs of a man with his hands on his mouth, making faces
Photo Booths and Surrealists — Prattle & Jaw
four black and white photos of a man with hair in the middle, wearing a suit and tie
Yves Tanguy: The master Surrealist who ate spiders and created smutty sketches just for fun
Street Photography, People, Lee Jeffries, People Photography
LightBox | Time
an old photo of a man in a suit and tie looking off to the side
August Sander - Amber Collection
an old black and white photo of a man holding a baseball bat
August Sander – Men of the Soil
an old man with wrinkles on his face and chest is staring at the camera
Mr. Big by Holger Droste, Photography, Digital