Hi friends….it’s no secret that this winter, the very one that came in like a lamb is leaving (hopefully) like a lion. It has been some winter. It took awhile to kick in and by Christmas we were all bragging about how mild it had been.UNTIL. January…..then it was downhill all the way from there. …

25 unique Easter Egg Ideas with pictures and tutorials. Gather inspiration with these beautiful Easter egg ideas featuring decoupaged eggs, gold leaf eggs,

Simple, natural Easter wreath

Made from an arrangement of faux speckled eggs, ivy and a combination of white floral blooms, Pier natural grapevine Blue Speckled Eggs Wreath welcomes Easter with a breath of fresh spring air.

Veľká noc je najvýznamnejším kresťanským sviatkom. Všetci sa na ňu pripravujeme, či už ohľadom dobrôt na veľkonočný stôl alebo prípravou rôznych ozdôb. Pripravili sme si pre vás niekoľko...

Načerpajte inšpirácie na nádherné veľkonočné vence

Easter Egg Wreath Celebrate Easter and Spring with our adorable Easter Egg Wreath! We started with a grapevine wreath base and nested faux


Easter is coming, are you ready ? Easter identically with egg, so how many egg that have been decorated for your house? In regards to hard-boiling an egg there’s an exceptional means to receive it to be ideal. An egg… Continue Reading →