Smooth Chocolate

Smooth Chocolate: A taste of rich, dark chocolate as soon as you start vaping. It’s one of a kind “chocolate smoke” is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth – without any of the carbs or sugar!

Tobacco Gold

Tobacco Gold: A rich blend of Virginia, Oriental and Burley tobacco. A rich, sweet taste that used to only be found in the finest cigars – now available in the electronic cigarette.

Mocha Mist

Mocha Mist - gustul aromat al cafelei proaspăt prăjite

Mountain Clove

Mountain Clove: Native to Indonesia and other south Asian countries - produces a uniquely warm, sweet-ish flavor and has been used in cuisines worldwide.

Absolute Tobacco

Absolute Tobacco: The distinct flavor of natural tobacco, with a light, smooth, sweet flavor.

Red Label Tobacco

Red Label Tobacco: The robust, bold taste of Red Label™ is similar to the flavor of classic cigarette tobacco. The bold Virginia taste offers a unique, enjoyable woody flavor.

Vanilla Dreams

Vanilla Dreams: Vanilla Dreams™ is made with a highly complex and enjoyable sweet, creamy vanilla flavor. The result is a gourmet vapor combined with superior flavor. An absolute treat to smoke!


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Menthol Ice

Menthol Ice: Menthol Ice™ refreshes your senses with its smooth, pleasant freshness. Its full flavor offers an exhilarating and highly enjoyable smoking experience.