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the-emperor-protects:  Group of amazing pictures of the dark Heresy roleplayers on youtube.com/itmeJP. from top to bottom: ELi (JP) Englebart (Totalbiscuit) Jaxx(Jeff/EginControl) Phrix(DJWheat) Images by: nikolayasparuhov

Illustration of the imperial psyker Phrix - one of the characters from "Rollplay Dark Heresy" - role-playing game show based on the Warhammer univer.

Tona Criid / Imperial Guard / Warhammer 40 000

Meet Sergeant Tona Criid of Gaunt’s Ghosts. If you ever want to read a series about a bunch of hard-ass fighters facing what is basically a never-ending wave of death, pick up the Gaunt’s Ghost.

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strategiczergface: “sapper-in-the-wire: “ aspiringearthbender: “ strategiczergface: “ sapper-in-the-wire: “ “ The less loved, but still illustrious regiments of the Imperial Guard Astra Militarum: Elysian Drop Troopers, the Death Korps of.