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Kelly Johnson and his piece of art

wonder if the tires looked like that after each landing?I don’t think they lasted very long (I thought I read they were replaced after every 10 landings, but I could be wrong), but they were pressurized with nitrogen.

Chuck Yeager

On 14 October, 1947 at am, Capt. Yeager flew the Bell at a speed of (Mach breaking the sound barrier for the first time in human history. Yeager christened the first Glamorous Glennis as was his in WWII.


The stealth bomber carries the "F" fighter designation in case our enemies found out about it. They would think it was a fighter but its only weapons were precision bombs.


The jet fighter is one of the most complicated machines in the modern world seeing it soar into the sky is very inspiring.


North American Aviation Valkyrie, Powered by six engines, the Valkyrie could fly at feet at Mach which put it far from the reach Soviet fighter jets at the time.


Oh shit, great shot of the the fighter pilot getting ready to eject. Scary moment I'm sure. Hope he or she made it out ok.