Pretty Little Lilla

Pretty Little Lilla

Pretty Little Lilla
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Happy birthday you sexy motherfucker! I love you so fucking much and I'm glad it stayed for three years and watched you get better i love ya to infinity and beyond forever ⭐️loads of love mima xx

This is one of the only times I've seen Calum smile in the past month


Forever calling Luke, Lucifer because of his devilish good looks. Ya see cause devil, devilish, LUCIFER.

hes like an angel

You and cal have been together for 2 years and he was out of town and you're at the airport waiting for him to come and there's some boys making fun of you and troubling you and you look to your left to see calum coming to beat the shit out of them.

And look what trouble she found. ;)

This Cinderella is ready for a well deserved night off Friday night in her dress and all!cinderella never asked for a prince. she asked for a night off and a dress. Remember that a prince comes when you least expect it. keep your eyes open.