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Andy and his cigarette. (He hates people saying this, but I really wish he'd quit! I don't want him dying of cancer!) me too I love Andy bvb he smokes two packs a day that's forty cigarettes it's terrible I would dye crying if he died :'(

My friends hate him and call him "Andy Beer Belly". I wanted to sucker punch them in the face and sing/scream "youth and whisky" til they died. NO ONE INSULTS MY ANDY

Whoever made this is a God.

Whoever made this is a God.

Konus Brand Ecomm/ Look Book by TALIE MILLER at

I managed all aspects of this shoot including bringing in the talent with Andy Beirsack of Black Veil Brides. I collaborated on the styling and produced the shoot. Additionally, I created the initial .

Can there be like a mini version of him my age? And I get him all to myself? That would be lovely.

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