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Chocolate Truffle Cake by Peggy Does Cakes - Chocolate mocha cake, chocolate ganache and chocolate swiss meringue filling, chocolate swiss meringue icing, ganache drizzle, 3 kinds of Lindor truffles (white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate) scattered atop cake and gathered in an edible milk chocolate bowl.

I made this ‘death by chocolate’ truffle covered cake in April of 2013 for my daughter’s birthday. She’ll be 17 next week. I’m a bit late posting it. I have all the recipes for the components .

Burmese cats love attention, and they will sit in your lap as long as you will let them. 7 Best Cat #Breeds for Families ...

[Burmese] * * " Me likes de sense of inner peace; likes bein' fergotten by de world fer awhiles.

I Love all Dog Breeds: 5 most affectionate cat breeds

The Burmese is an intelligent and affectionate breed of cat, very people-focused----- my next cat to add to the glaring ;) I LOVE Thai cats!