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a christmas card with an image of people in front of a lit up house and trees
Áldott, békés, boldog karácsonyt kívánok!
Áldott, békés, boldog karácsonyt kívánok!
a sign with poinsettis and pine cones on it that says bakes is holiday kenisont kivanok
Farmerama HU
a baby wrapped up in a blanket with the words grauulalok a kisbabatook koz
A weboldal blokkolt.
babaköszöntők, újszülött érkezése, kisbabás képek, versek, idézetek, képeslapok
a woman is standing in the snow with her hands out and an inscription on it
Csitáry-Hock Tamás idézet
a little boy sitting in front of a window with a teddy bear next to him
Donászy Magda idézet
Donászy Magda versrészlet a karácsony délutánról. A kép forrása: Angels' Army
a painting with a bridge over a river and houses in the background that reads facebook
...a valódi ÁLDÁS...♡
two glasses of champagne are sitting next to each other
christmas presents wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine on wooden table next to scissors
christmas mood aesthetic inspiration coziness ideas gifts
two stuffed animals sitting on top of a bed next to an open book and christmas decorations