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Grady F. Stiles, Jr., aka "Lobster Boy," was born in 1937, the sixth in a long line of lobster-men to work as a circus freak. When his eldest daughter was engaged to marry a boy of whom Grady disapproved, Grady shot and killed the boy, but got off with probation. Later, after he retired to the circus-centric town of Gibsonton, he became so abusive to his family that his wife and step-son hired a neighbor to kill him. He was shot to death while watching TV. Everyone involved got prison.

Lobster Boy Grady Stiles - born with ectrodactyly, where the fingers and toes are fused together to form claw-like extremities

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This was an interesting movie. At least read about the Begotton movie before seeing the new Mother it might be interresting Ovo

Now, this is just the WORST nightmare for me, a "creeper" coming up from the basement.don't like basements!

Source: Billy Rose Theatre Collection photograph file / Productions / Alice in Wonderland Location: The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts / Billy Rose Theatre Division Catalog Call Number: *T PHO A Digital ID: 58974 Record ID: 145697