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a room with two beds, a desk and shelves filled with books on it's sides
Detská izba, Pezinok - Projekty | Kivvi architects
a living room with blue walls and yellow pillows on the couches in front of it
Twins - Quattro Studio
Baby sensory mat, Play mat, Space toy Baby activity mat | Etsy
legos are lined up on the wall to form shelves
Decorating on a Budget — Bibby and Brady
Another of my new series for 2014 is 'decorating on a budget' - tips and ideas for ways to beautify your home without breaking the bank. Today I've got a few different ideas for you to try... Decorate with nature: Mother Nature is the most discerning artist, hands down, so take advantage of her creations. Bringing nature inside adds life, texture, shape, and colour. You don't have to spend a lot of money at a florist, just look to your own backyard. Whether it's a singe flower, a branc...
the room is decorated in yellow and white with an elephant head on the wall above the bed
Le Blog de Nanelle
chez camille ameline, nanelle, chambre d'enfant, kid room, yellow, peinture murale, jaune, triangle
a bedroom with an orange wall and black accents on the walls is decorated with halloween decorations
alinea journal - actualité idées déco – alinea - page 1 – alinea
le orange et les moustaches : non mais l'idée est bonne... Chambre ado, parure de lit moustache