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a wreath made out of pine cones and blue ornaments is hanging on the front door
SWEET5 - Мир в котором мы живем...(Евгения)
a poster with numbers and times on it
cute-head 24 Adventskalender-Zahlen (Aufkleber Etiketten Sticker) | Kreidetafel (simuliert) | Mathe/Rechenaufgaben | Rund | M » Ø 40 mm | Schwarz | F00078-02 24 Adventskalender-Zahlen | Kreidetafel / Schultafel Look | Mathe / Rechenaufgaben |
a christmas wreath with gold and white decorations
70+ Simple And Popular Christmas Decorations
70+ Simple And Popular Christmas Decorations; Table Decorations; Christmas Candles; DIY Christmas Centerpiece;Christmas Crafts; Christmas Decor DIY
some candles are sitting on a table with other christmas decorations and wreaths around it
Virág Stúdió - Home Center
a white cake with blue candles and ornaments