Golden Retriever his leading pack, of 8 birds and a little hamster

This Golden Retriever Is The Leader Of His Gang. 8 Birds And A Hamster Are The Other Members!

That face!

That face!

It's a seal!a really,REALLY happy seal!and I love it!


Chicken Abbey Road - A parody of The Beatles Abbey Road, but wi chickens. Taken this summer on the road up Euchan from Sanquhar in SW Scotland. (It's photoshopped, I need not say but again all the photos were taken by me)~ Stuart Seaton

French bull dog in the sand.....

Funny pictures about Sand puppy. Oh, and cool pics about Sand puppy. Also, Sand puppy photos.


Fabulous photography of dogs diving underwater for tennis balls. So funny. So cute.

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Didn't learn much in the dog behavioral classes - the cooking classes went much better though!

Decode Your Dog's Wacky Behavior

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