Csenge Lili Jurenka

Csenge Lili Jurenka

Csenge Lili Jurenka
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People who say "dogs don't smile" or look at me funny when I mention my dog smiling sadly haven't had the honor of being around well loved, happy doggies. (well maybe it's not a "her" but had to say it lol) Doggie smiles are the sweet

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As short hairstyle become widespread, the search for new haircuts of women is also increasing. If you are looking for a cute yet stylish hairstyles to refresh.

hannibal_melancholy★ Find more at http://www.pinterest.com/competing

Pug Hannibal Art Print by Ruslan Suleimanov

what's your favorite sandwich?

What's your favorite sandwich? Too many to list

Kawaii cats by sahua d

Kawaii cat breeds for the Сat-people of the world ; get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel

Little Oinker | Cutest Paw

Little oinker - Cutest Paw

Puglie Food 1 by Puglie Pug

sheep? pug? sheep? pug? Made me laugh out loud.

A sheep pug!

Girl Pugs partying it up

Girl Pugs partying it up


billcarman: “Really?” Pugs seem to a particularly favorite target of those who dress up animals. This is another quick diversion as I work on some epic paintings. By Bill Carman