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Springtrap: ..Baby, I am your father..! Baby: NOOOO-

FNAFSL Baby Concepts - Baby + Harley Quinn = Baby Harleyexpression sketchesI wonder if this is ever gonna happen. We all know Springtrap escaped that horror attraction when it got burned down.

Ennard x Baby by on @DeviantArt

I know that Ennard and Baby is supposed to be the same, but in my AU they're not so I ship them! Bennard I also like to ship Ennard with Marionet. Ennard x Baby

Harley Quinn Circus Baby [Suicide Squad/SisLoc] by on @DeviantArt

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If you are wondering what Supers or Ultimates or Evasive Skills you will be able to equip on your Created Character and want to see them in actio.