Fanni Csernátony

Fanni Csernátony

hungary / product designer
Fanni Csernátony
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This would be a very cool bed for kids who have to share their room with a brother or sister. Build 2 and the shutters give them space from each other. or just have as a little nook space, nice and cozy to read your fav books and chill out

The 3-D printed lattice can be screwed on like a bottle cap, transforming water bottles into lovely decorative objects.

Milan-based designer Libero Rutilo, of DesignLibero, has found a way to give PET bottles a second chance at life. Combining printing technology with upcycling, Libero Rutilo created a series of vases that are only made up of the external shell.

By creating an enclosed space HUSH provides a personal retreat, an escape into a dark, quiet, natural space, or state of mind. HUSH can also be transformed to provide more traditional open seating.   HUSH is made from 100% wool felt and its cushions are stuffed with recycled wool fibers.

The HUSH chair by Freyja Sewell can be converted into a private rest cocoon. It is made of wool felt. HUSH is currently just a concept, but Sewell is developing the chair for production. I want this. My hermatizing chair