Volcano near Ankisabe, Madagascar

Volcano near Ankisabe, Madagascar. Ankisabe is a town and commune in Madagascar. It belongs to the district of Soavinandriana, which is a part of Itasy Region.

Mineral flowers, Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia

This volcano has always intrigued me because it's so unique.Acid lakes at the Dallol Volcano in Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

New island creation in Nishinoshima, Japan from Karapaia

New island creation in Nishinoshima, Japan from Karapaia Woah! this is amazing! I heard tho, that these new islands never last a long time. The ocean carries away the lose ash too fast

Multi-colored lake Kelimutu volcano.  Indonesia - on the island of Flores there is a miracle of nature. Here, on the top of the volcano Kelimutu crater lakes are painted in 3 different colors.   Although all three lakes are located on the same top of the volcano, each of them has its own color, which varies from time to time, getting red, brown, turquoise, green, blue.

Read More About Multi-colored lake Kelimutu volcano. I can't wait to travel there! Definitely putting it on my travel bucket list!

New baby volcano erupts off coast of Japan. | via @Olivia Gulino Facts

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TOKYO – A volcanic eruption has raised a new island, according to earthquake experts and the Japanese coast guard. It is just off the coast of Nishinoshima, a small, uninhabited island in the.

Nyiragongo Volcano, Democratic Republic of Congo

Nyiragongo Crater has a per-manent lava lake that is the largest in the world, an est. 282 Mcu ft of lava. In 1977 & the lava breached the crater, destroying a large part of the city of Goma in the DR of Congo

Volcano, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. Eugene Kaspersky

volcano eruptions range from daily small eruptions to extremely infrequent supervolcano eruptions (where the volcano expels at least cubic kilometers of material.

Lake Viti, Askja Vulcano, Iceland

Lake Víti (the little one in this picture) beside Öskjuvatn (the big one) at the Askja Vulcano. You can swim in Víti. Víti means hell in Icelandic for lake Víti is known as one of the gates to hell.

View of an eruption column from Chaitén Volcano, Chile, photographed on May 26, 2008. The caldera is about 3 km (1.9 miles) in diameter from rim to rim. The knobby feature between the eruption column and the left rim is part of a lava dome that formed after the 7,400 BC eruption. U.S. Geological Survey photograph by J.N. Marso.

Typical eruption column of Chaiten Volcano, Chile, on May between stronger explosive activity. The circular caldera rim is 3 km miles) in diameter, which was formed about years ago.

Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia.

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The great Maelifell by Hans Strand. The Maelifell volcano  towers over Iceland's massive Myrdalsjökull Glacier.

Maelifell, Iceland//This beautifully – not to mention unusually – formed volcano is entirely swathed in bright green moss and ringed by serpentine glacial rivers and streams.

Eruption Ararat, Turkey

Mount Ararat in Turkey is a dormant volcanic mountain with two peaks called as the Greater Ararat and the lesser Ararat.

Irazu Volcano - near Cartago, #CostaRica. More holidays to Costa Rica at: http://www.pura-aventura.com/holidays/costa-rica-holidays/all

Irazu Volcano - near Cartago, More holidays to Costa Rica at…