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Csernák Levente
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An example of something I *don't* want. It's just really tall, really flat, and doesn't have much character to it.

Beautiful Libraries and Bookshops.Library of the Catholic Seminar in Budapest, former monastery of the Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit, photo by JezW.

Wall coverings | Boiserie | Bamboo | Laurameroni | Diego Maria. Check it out on Architonic

Bamboo Boiserie has a series of channels of different sizes that cut across the surface of the panel, each time creating different designs - By Diego Maria Piovesan

Incredible chair. Do want.

The Barca bench by Jacob Joergensen, was a Gold Leaf winner for innovation at the IFDA (International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa). Barca, design by Jacob Joergensen

sebastian brajkovic

1 - Lila Jang's Canape Top 10 Weird and Interesting Products No. 1 - Lila Jang's Canape This sofa gives new meaning to climbing the walls. The piece designed by Lila Jang was recently part of an exhibition called Parcours Saint-Germain in Paris.


Incredibly creative and unique, this clever use of reclaimed wood gives this bathroom countertop a rich and warm, rustic yet modern appeal. Resistant to spills, strong and beautiful, reclaimed wood countertops need not only be limited to the kitchen.