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two people hugging each other in a room
This is love
some type of sticker that says, my ideal man messy brown hair plays guitar adorable smile ate a bad hotdog died in 1965
"My Ideal Man- Luke (Julie and the Phantoms)" Sticker for Sale by Divergentgal4
emziess: countless gifs from julie and the... - 'He’s the moon when I’m lost in darkness"
a young man with flowers in his hair is looking at another person through torn up paper
luke patterson wallpaper
an image of a man with sunflowers on his head in front of him
charlie gillespie wallpaper
Iphone Backgrounds, Phantom Cartoon, Wallpaper Lyrics, Backgrounds Phone Wallpapers
juke wallpaper
a man in black shirt and tie holding a microphone up to his mouth while singing into a mic
charliegillespiebr_ on Instagram: Do what right? Has no way! 🤣❤️ @charles_gillespie #julieandthephantoms #jatp #fantoms #jatpbrasil #luke #charliegillespie #julie
a group of people standing on top of a torn piece of paper with words above them
jatp wallpaper
two people are looking through a hole in the paper with words written on it that say, we may be friends
juke wallpaper