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easter bunny roadkill cookies on a white plate with blue and pink sprinkles
Easter Bunny Roadkill Cookies
A chewy, malted chocolate egg cookie with crispy edges, this Easter Bunny Roadkill Cookie makes it look like the Easter Bunny has been run over by a truck! #Easter #Bunny #roadkill #cookie #malted #chocolate #balls
an image of easter sugar cookies with sprinkles
Easter Sugar Cookie Recipe
an advertisement for the easter cookie cake contest
Easter Cookie Cake - topped with Vanilla Frosting - Pretty and Delicious.
two decorated cookies sitting on top of a cooling rack
decorated cookies in the shape of easter bunnies
decorated cookies arranged in the shape of an animal's paw on a wooden platter
a hand holding a tiny pretzel with blue and white frosting on it
Easter Bunny Pretzel Treats
Hand holding a pretzel topped with M&Ms that look like a bunny head.
some cookies with bunny ears on them and other treats in the shape of bunnies
Place pretzels on a Nonstick Mat. Melt candy coating. Once candy coating is melted, place a small amount inside each pretzel until the 3 holes are filled or with the bunny, you can just fill the holes enough so that the pretzel still shows as a divider line. Let the candy coating set for about 15 minutes. Once set, use Foodoodlers to draw the bunny face and ears. For the duck, I used an orange chocolate coated sunflower seed for the beak and a Foodoodler to draw the eye.
easter m & m cookies with eggs and candy on the top, and in the middle
Easter M&M Cookies (+ Video)
Easter M&M Cookies
easter bunny button cookies on a plate with flowers in the background and text overlay
Easter Bunny Button Cookies