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three different types of bracelets made out of fabric and metal plates with colorful strips on them
Mini Lid Banjos - The Craft Train
a roll of toilet paper with a red and white striped tube sticking out of it
an image of ice cream coloring pages on a table with markers and sticker sheets
Teşekkürler #Repost @okuloncesi.dunyasi (@get_repost) ・・・ Tam da mevsimi çocuklar için yine çok guZel bir oyun hazırladım ..modele bak…
watermelon math center for kids to practice numbers and counting with their own hands
Watermelon Math Center
Watermelon math center ... great for fine motor development too!!
two cards with numbers and pom poms on them
the missing pieces of a puzzle are shown in black and white, with one missing piece
puzzle table
puzzle - Google Search
Separando as peças por forma. Atividade montessoriana.
Separando as peças por forma. Atividade montessoriana.
an instagram page with three paper cutouts of children's faces and leaves
a poster with pictures of children holding up their names and numbers on the front of it
Fun birthday board in my second grade classroom! Students were grouped by month and held their birthdays up on whiteboards. They loved it.
a young boy holding up a sign in front of a wall with a monkey on it
Jogos Matemáticos para Crianças - Atividades para Educação Infantil
several match cards with clothes pins and umbrellas on them are arranged in the shape of numbers
Rainy Day Clip Cards
Rainy day number clip cards. Fun for a weather or spring unit!
four different types of pom - poms are displayed on paper with scissors and thread
☃️Winter Inspired Unit Study
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a young child is playing with rocks and numbers on a paper sheet that has the letter m in it
Montessori Teachings
Montessori Teachings: September 2011
six different colored keys with numbers on them and locks attached to each keyring that are numbered in the same color
Fine motor and maths activity. Children have to do the sum, or, for younger children, count the dots, and then match the key up to the correct padlock to open it. This activity not only improves their maths, but also strengthens the muscles in their hands and fingers, which is important for improving writing skills. #ImproveYourHandWriting
a group of children sitting on the floor playing with cups
Ice Cream Math
Ice cream math 6
a young boy sitting on the floor next to a game board with blocks and numbers
The importance of developing math skills in preschool children | Kids 'R' Kids Valrico
The importance of developing math skills in preschool children
the table is covered with hands and dices
a wooden table topped with paper cut outs filled with different types of crafts and materials
Small wooden bowls and boxes are ideal for storing loose parts. #tracing #looseparts #patterns #bowls #educatingkids #investigate…
there is a colorful wheel with matching colors on it and the words matching colors are written in
Matching Colors When You Only Have A Minute - Liz's Early Learning Spot
Practice matching colors with this FREE printable! Preschool color sorting and recognition activity.
a close up of a piece of paper with pizza slices on it and numbers in the middle
The Quiet Book Blog by cecilia
hands and numbers on a bulletin board with magnets to match them for each child's number
Como decorar un salon para preescolar
Que entretenida forma de esnseñar los numeros con las manos ideas para a preescolares - Buscar con Google
a door with a house and balloons attached to it
klassenregeln gestalten
Bildergebnis für klassenregeln gestalten
a young boy is playing with a number pocket game for toddlers and preschoolers
Number Pocket Game for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Toddler Approved!: Number Pocket Game for Toddlers and Preschoolers
there is a monkey with bananas on it
Así han bautizado en clase a este nuevo material que he elaborado, basándome en esta idea que vi en pinterest. Consiste en un cartel con un...
a bulletin board with clothes pins attached to it and pictures hanging on the pegs
Birthday Calendars Images
Birthday bulletin board...so cute!