Monkeys' (Primates) enrichment items

(First of all, ADULT) Great Apes, Baboons (and some other animal/monkey) and their (especially) human (kid) toys and Season Greetings (parties) at Zoos and Sanctuaries (CAPTIVITY). The items are important as cognitive training / - development tools and ENRICHMENT items for the creatures, to take better quality of their life.
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See Jacky the orangutan go ape on BIRTHDAY BENDER

Getting older makes many people feel down in the dumps, and Jacky the orangutan wasn’t exactly in a celebratory mood for her birthday at the Bali Zoo.

Rescued chimpanzee explores enrichment

Jamie is a rescued chimpanzee living at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest in Cle Elum, WA. For more on Jamie and the other chimps at the sanctuary, visit Chimps.



Keeping the baboons on their toes - The Zoo Keepers - BBC

Keeping the baboons on their toes - The Zoo Keepers - BBC

Zoo Tales - Ice blocks for baboons

On a hot summer's day, an enormous ice block is the perfect treat for our troop of baboons!

Shamrock Enrichment for St. Patrick's Day

Patrick's Day, some of the animals at Brookfield Zoo had the luck of the Irish on their side when they received shamrock-shaped treats from zoo.

Amber and Teak ESPN

On the eve of the University of Louisville and Florida State game, ESPN COllege Game Day might be looking for a celebrity pick, and the furry celebrities at .

Johnny the 66-year-old chimp at Kobe Oji Zoo

Johnny the chimp at Kobe Oji Zoo

Santa visits Durrell's animals

Durrell was delighted to welcome Santa to its Trinity headquarters earlier this week. The animals were in for a real treat as he distributed presents to some.

Maki Überraschung - Surprise for the Maki's

Maki Überraschung - Surprise for the Maki's

Bronx Zoo Gorillas Celebrate with Cupcakes!

Dang, and we wonder why people are so selfish. It's in our blood!

Heart to Heart: The Zoo Focuses on Gorilla Heart Health in February

With February designated National Heart Awareness Month, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo held a special event -- Heart to Heart Day -- on February to rais.