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Say it louder for the people in the back!!

Men don’t care about the impact of their actions. They think they can get away with anything, because other men are doing it, because it was just a joke, because she’s PMSing.

image:      Studying for the SATs can be a trying experience. One easy way to raise your score is to memorize SAT vocabulary words. Since the sentence completion questions in the Critical Reading section test your ability to recognize words in context, knowing more words will go a long way towards raising your Critical Reading Score.  Here is a simple list of the 100 most common SAT vocabulary words to get you started on…

Knowing more words will help raise your SAT critical reading score. Here is a list of the 100 most common SAT words.

Not gonna lie – it's really nice to read some tips about the ACT test from an actual student!!! Really liked all of these.

Not gonna lie – it's really nice to read some tips about the ACT test from an actual student! Really liked all of thes

Higher Scores Test Prep's Lauren Gaggioli gives her top 5 SAT tips. These tips with help students get their higher SAT score quickly!

Convenient, affordable online ACT & SAT test prep courses. Discover how Higher Scores Test Prep is revolutionizing online test prep. is dedicated to helping students understand and succeed on the SAT. Mid-February 2014 we are launching a FREE SAT prep course to help them do just that. Follow us to be notified when it's launched. Happy Pinning!

Creative Studying: What's On the SAT - What you need to know. SAT test information infographic. Prepare for the SAT.

Words for....  An MBA can always help to get your dream job, or we can help you get that dream job right away.

& thesis contains one or more key words that represent ideas on which the essay will focus. In effect, these keys words are ideas that the essay must amplify with definitions, examples, and explanations& (McCuen,

And boys who have mommy issues are made fun of instead of being recognized as having been abused in the same way. Odd how we always assign blame to the opposite sex parent.