Zalabai Csilla

Zalabai Csilla
Crafter at Upcy and Kreatív Kommuna, Hungary. Collector - Margaret island.
Zalabai Csilla
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UT_cassettes_1 : a great craft for kids, take old cassette tapes and make a pencil holder

This person made a pencil or pen holder from old cassette tapes! Looks like he just glued them together maybe used a piece of cardboard for the bottom. We have so many old cassettes and not enough pen holders at the studio = ))

. . . . . How to Recycle: Repurposed Tennis Balls

It& annoying to see tennis balls laying all over the road and people just pick it up and throw them to their house or dogs and just leav.

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An inspirational place where old, once loved furniture finds new life. We recycle, upcycle, redo, and makeover tons of different furniture pieces.