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special+needs+playground+equipment | Specialised Playground Equipment

has also been entrusted with the installation of a specialised playground which was especially designed for young adults with special needs.

special+needs+playground+equipment | Special Needs Playground

Accessible Amusement Parks This NPR site provides a list of accessible playgrounds as well as the background behind the hows and whys of making playgrounds accessible to all.

Safe wheelchair swings

Wheelchair-accessible swing installed in Whitehall park after three years

Building an accessible playground requires more than just handicapped ramps. Here are six features of the new Bradlee Park playground that make it accessible to kids with a wide range of disabilities.

Having a playground set that allows children with disabilities to play on and use would be very important to have at any elementary school

Virginia Beach: J.T. Grommet Island Park and Playground - wheelchair accessible playground

Virginia Beach: J. Grommet Island Park and Playground - wheelchair accessible playground

Gallery of Inclusive Playgrounds built by Shane's Inspiration | Landscape Structures

These stunning playgrounds allow everyone, no matter their ability, to create memorable fun.