Marvelous in an open bathroom space. And perhaps with an art deco geometric design. . .

Laser cutting ornamental screen - would make for an amazing room divider - pick a pattern to match your home.

MODERN CABINET DESIGN |  cabinet made by Filip-Janssens, a great furniture piece | For more buffets and cabinet ideas download the ebook:  #moderncabinets #luxurycabinets

The Best of Belgian Design Showcasing at Ventura Lambrate

#design #interior #home ingenious/humorous modern seat design by alexander nettesheim

ingenious/humorous modern seat design by alexander nettesheim

Quadra Table by Luis Arrivillaga

Quadra Table by Luis Arrivillaga

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Remarkable Minimal chair designs is a part of our furniture design inspiration series. Minimal chair designs inspirational series is a weekly showcase

Rudolph M. Schindler; Custom Lounge Chair for the Janson House, 1948.

Rudolph M. Schindler Armchair, 1948 midcenturymoddesign: “ The Rudolph M. Schindler Armchair was custom designed for the Janson House in ”

Inspiración mueblería.D.I.Y.

Bind Chair by Jessy Vandurme. Made by birch plywood and leather strings. Use glue stick the leather strings with the chair seat back edge to make it more stable. Cut two hole on thechair leg for chair seat joints.

Dry Leaf Chair by Wilmer Chaca. This unusual chair is created using additional pieces of plastic which creates the frame work of the chair. I feel that this is an unusual way to look at a chair, but if an interior has the space to use these chairs then it will look really well within an interior.

IDMM Architects’ Waveon Cafe: A Concrete Sculpture on the Beach of Gijang, Korea

Dry Leaf Chair design by Wilmer Chaca. Is a very cool and beautiful chair. First, he design and mold the white plastic for chair support, then used aluminium design for another chair support and seat back. After complete join the both shape together.

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Oh those crazy display designers! LOVE the flat, space saving design! flat pack table for Art and Craft Show Display

Awesome chair design for a perfect nap    #cnc #chairs

Wood chaise lounge created by steaming wood then computerized bending, by SchindlerSalemeron architects

Poltrona 200

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Model: The Palare - Ontwerper: Sebastian Blakeley - Herkomst: Engeland - Materiaal: Hardhout, aluminium en leer - Prijs: €

Sensuality and personality

Luiz Philippe Carneiro de Mendonça -This is the most demure chair I think I've ever seen! It has lady legs.