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Swimming Appliqué Lace Up Jersey - Blue

This jersey is perfect for lounging around and wearing around the pool deck! The longer, curved hemline in the back provide

.Swimming for me is a perfect way to end my day after a bad day at school. When I dive into the water I forget about my daily problems and stresses. Swim is a sport which 5 years ago I probably couldn't do. I was born with asthma and up until about 5 years ago I had a lot of problems with it.

I love going to swim after school because I know i get to see my closest friends, have a good workout, laugh lots, and feel accomplished

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I am unknown to the world as a swimmer, when I finish my Olympic career people will know me as a champion. I will be the one who pushes themselves harder than ever and be unforgettable.


Swim has honestly gotten me through so many worries in life. Running with friends helps SOOO much; but swimming helps clear your mind. I honestly couldn't imagine life without swimming-NH