Zsuzsanna Hajós

Zsuzsanna Hajós

Zsuzsanna Hajós
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Free jewelry designs and tutorials. Learn to make skillful projects on how to bead bracelets. This tutorial is a good start to creating more exquisite handmade jewelry ornaments. (How To Make Bracelets Handmade)

Linda's Crafty Inspirations: Nunzia's "Earrings Number One" - How to make my variations

Seed bead jewelry Variations on Nunzia's "Earrings Number One" ~ Seed Bead Tutorials Discovred by : Linda Linebaugh

How to Make Snowman Earrings with Seed Bead Snowflake Pattern

This is a Christmas jewelry idea on how to make snowman earrings with seed bead snowflake pattern. The cute pearl snowman earrings is extremely popular during Christmas.