Budapest Tourist spot: The famous little princess statue was inspired by the artist Marton László's own daughter, wearing a costume. Located by the Danube Promenade in Pest, Budapest, Hungary

Famous Statues of Budapest: Statue of the Paul Street Boys (The Paul Street Boys //Hungarian: A Pál utcai fiúk// is a youth novel by the Hungarian writer Ferenc Molnár)

Buda Castle @ Budapest Hungary

Statue of Hungarian poet Attila Joszeph by the Parliament Budapest

Geza Hofi, the great Hungarian humorist, parodist statue. Located in front of the Thalia Theatre on the Nagymező street.

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Aerial - Memorial to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence designed by I-Ypszilon in Budapest, Hungary

Statue of Franz (Ferenc) Liszt outside the music conservatory in Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest, Budai vár, Kodály Zoltán szobra a Püspökkertben - Hungary

Hungary, Budapest, Heroes Square Colonnade (These are two of the Transylvanian princes Bocskai Istvan and Bethlen Gabor from the Century).

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STATUE: Meeting of the poet Endre Ady and the artist , Jozeph Rippl-Rónai Kaposvár,, Hungary