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small brown paper bags are lined up on a table with bottles in the back ground
29 DIY Winter Wedding Favors for Guests to Cozy Up To
21 DIY Winter Wedding Favors for Guests to Cozy Up To - roasted or candied nuts
someone is holding up some brown paper bags
How to Design Packaging: 50 Tutorials & Pro Tips
On the Creative Market Blog - How to Design Packaging: 50 Tutorials & Pro Tips
three different colored sticks with labels on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
13 Sausage Packaging Designs That Makes Meat Look Great
Sausage Packaging Designs That Makes Meat Look Great
an advertisement with different types of items on it
Sausage Label Mock Up | Realistic | 3 Type of Sausage
5 realistic mockups on diferent background. Resosultion 3000x2000. 300 dpi Well organized PSD files. Smart objects to edit. Based
an assortment of meats are shown on display in this graphic style file, with different labels and colors to choose from
Cleaver's - Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery -
three packages of hot dogs wrapped in cellophane and tied with gold ribbon on white background
Delicatessa #packaging I want a hot dog for lunch : ) PD
an image of a package of food
Recreo Hams packaging line
Recreo Hams packaging line on Behance
two sausages and three pieces of meat on a wooden table next to each other
Fabula Branding developed a package design for TM Natura ( «Inco-Food» LLC). The product – sausages and hams of poultry and pork without GMO, soy, gluten, sodium glutamate and phosphate for people leading an active life and caring about the quality of the…
three different views of an old fashioned radio with beer bottles in the front and back
Student Spotlight: Endless Possibilities
Miller Boom Box - The Dieline - #packaging via @Matt Valk Chuah Dieline PD
a poster with an image of a pig on it's back and the number forty written
Somalo 110 | Diseño Packaging Embutidos Jamones |
110_Diseño Envase de Jamón
three bar wrappers with different animals on them
CREATEiD | Packaging Design | Brand Design | Feed your inspiration.
three ice cream cones with different colors and flavors in front of a black background that says 99
Лучшие логотипы и нэйминг
Inspiração de #Branding - Design Cup - Que lindo ❤
a cardboard box with four black yoga tubes in it's front and back sides
10 innovadores estuches de cartón para vino - The Big Wine Theory
La presentación de un vino es fundamental para atraer la atención de potenciales clientes, y es por eso que además de resguardar la integridad de la botella, cumplen una función primordial a la hor…
a series of photoshopped images showing different types of food
Marrone Mondo
I designed a visual identity and a small food truck for roasted chestnuts.Marrone Mondo mean Chestnut World. I choosed a classic direction with a Vespa Ape capstan. Then I designed a classic newspaper layout for chestnut packaging. There are some newspap…