The sad thing is that a lot of these are true, except for some. Such as the Christian, Jew, and Muslim one. Not all Christians or Jews or other religions are like that. There are so many stereotypes now-a-days. Christ calls us to love others. It's terrible what example some will set and then that's how a whole religion is seen as to some people.

Oh my Gosh this is so thought provoking! Illustration about everything wrong with society. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

1932 RCA Construction Workers on Break

1932 RCA Construction Workers on Break. City view, males, men, caps, photo b/w…

Káromkodás - Koppány - 1942.

propaganda in Hungary Káromkodás - Koppány -

Székely-magyar rovásírás kártyanaptár 2015, Székely-magyar rovásírás 2015 honfoglalás kori magyar lovasíjász Kertai Zalán grafikája Nyers Csaba, 2014 kártyanaptár (kb. 113x77 mm) elfogyott!, új, használt és régi könyvek forgalmazása, ezoterika, tarot, őstörténet, gede testvérek, ritkaságok, emigráns kiadványok,, könyvek beszerzése, bankkártyás fizetés, előjegyzés, törzsvásárlói kedvezmények, akciók

It might be cool to have some runes in Mildred's home (and a great opportunity for easter eggs!