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This visual identity for fictive company, Earl/Grey, by Denmark-based student Jonathan Faust is just beautiful. The concept behind it was to give Earl Grey

Команда дизайнеров Backbone Branding порадовала вновь стилем заведения Day&Night, днем функционирующего как ресторан, а под покровом ночи превращающегося в бар. Вдохновившись старым как мир знанием о цикличности времени, авторы из Армении нашли ему отражение в дизайне от логотипа до кофейного стакана. Главные персонажи — с детства известные дикие ...

The idea that begins to act as an independent project worth to be produced and implemented into life.The copyright of this concept belongs to Backbone Branding “ArtStep” LLC and is available for obtainment.Day & Night is a concept project that has a bi…

The sophisticated brand identity provides a taste of the high quality Brazilian coffee.

The Willow Tree Coffee Co. is a brazilian brand which aims to bring the real, high quality Brazilian coffee to the every day life.The idea for the Willow Tree – Coffee Co. brand was created from concomitant concepts: a current overview of a traditional &