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Titles for People in Korean

Here are some common Korean vocabulary for titles that people use for one another. Remember that Korean uses titles for people most times (not all the time) instead of addressing them directly by n…


"Korean slang infographicSome fans have asked for an infographic about Korean slang, so I covered 12 popular ones. Listen for these when you watch your favorite dramas and variety shows!" Lol every time I see 멘붕 I think of lay.

#wattpad #random A compilation of different basic lessons about the Korean language. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE LESSONS. I JUST COMPILED THEM. - Compiled by: imyunnieislove | 2013 - Lessons from: Google (different sites) HIGHEST RANKING: #8 in Random (04/15/2017 5:26 PM PST)

Learn Korean Language - Basic Words 1 (With Hangul & Romanized)